Mr Norris’ Visit- Tuesday 19th of August

As part of our Unit of Inquiry about change over time, the boys conducted research on changes over time in an area of their choice.  Part of this research was to conduct interviews with year 6 boys, their parents and a visitor from their grandparents’ generation to track significant changes throughout history.

We were lucky enough to have Mr Norris visit our class for the boys to interview to give them some perspective on life in the ‘olden days.’

Here is what the boys had to say:

Yesterday Mr Norris came to teach us about the past. I had fun learning about the past.


On Tuesday sday Mr Norris came into our classroom and we asked him questions about what shops, technology, cars and buildings were like in the olden days. First we asked him what it was like not having technology. He said he called a billycart technology maybe because you needed to put fuel in for the engine. He said that his mum gave him an encyclopedia or a dictionary and he found information from that.


We really loved talking to Mr Norris and found out some very interesting information!

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