Mid-Autumn Festival

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Monday the 8th of September was Newington’s first ever Chinese Day in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The boys learned about the stories and traditions behind the Mid-Autumn Festival. They participated in a range of activities themed around Chinese culture and even had Chinese food for lunch! As you can see from their writing, this day was a hit!

On Mandarin Day we had some Chinese Lion actors come to school. First they did the play. It was very long, loud, funny and interesting. The musicians played big drums that were very loud. After they taught us how to do the dance. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it.

At Mid-Autumn Festival they did a big dance with a lion . Woah, woah woah! Do you think it’s a real lion? No way! It’s kind of like the Chinese Dragon but a lot shorter. It is pretty cool. It went close to me… really close! It was golden. It was awesome when he opened his mouth, you could see the person inside. He came from China. There was so much noise it went on for pretty long. I enjoyed it a lot, it was cool. I have never seen such a thing in my life.

On the 8th of September, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn festival. First we had a costume parade but there were hardly any boys in year 2 wearing costumes. Then we did Tai Chi. Everyone in year 2 knows Tai Chi because everyone does it when they are naughty in Mandarin classes.

In the morning year 2 had chopstick races. After that we made small lanterns. Next we learnt some martial arts from Master Sensei Rusten. Then after recess the school saw a dragon dance.

On Monday it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. I dressed up in a Chinese Costume. Max, Alex and I were the only ones dressed up in the whole class. Miss Rusten put chopsticks in her hair. We had a lion dance after recess. It was so, so, so, so, so cool. They have an orange dragon and a green one. It was awesome. At lunch we had fried rice.I didn’t eat all of the rice. When I went home the rice in my bag exploded everywhere so mu had to clean up my bag. My favourite part was the lion dance.

Last week was the Mid-Autumn festival. We saw the lion dance. The people controlling the lion terrified some teachers and they ran away. It did tricks and even jumped. I liked the show.

Last Monday it was the Mid-Autumn Festival. On Monday we did a whole bunch of activities. My favourite activity was chopstick races. I did not win but I still had fun.

On Monday we had the Mid-Autumn Festival. First we did Tai-Chi, Then the lion dance. We also did chopstick races and made lanterns.

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