Maths Inquiry: cross-sections of 3D objects

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 10.36.51 am

We have recently been exploring and describing 3D objects.  Last week, we made pyramids from playdough and cut up edible cylinders and rectangular prisms from real life to investigate their cross-sections.  Here are some boys reflecting on their learning:

Last week we were doing some maths on 3D shapes when we cut them up in different ways. Instead of plastic toys we used lamingtons, playdough and jam rolls. Wed discovered that when we cut a rectangular prism in half it looks like a square or a rectangle on the inside depending on how you cut it. After we ate the jam rolls and the lamingtons but not the playdough.


When we made shapes out of playdough, we cut the playdough, lamingtons and jam rolls. In the playdough we made lots of different 3D shapes and cut them.


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