Term 3, Week 5 Reflection

Term 3, Week 5 in Year 1

This week in Year 1 we had a very special visit from Year 5. They taught us all about blogging and helped us get started on our blogging journey. The Year 5 students worked in groups with us to help us reflect on our learning across the previous week. Thank you Year 5 for all your help!

Reflection on the change in teacher 

I like my new teacher but I still miss Mrs. G. I think Ms Sawyer is a fun teacher. One of my favourite things with Ms Sawyer was being taught maths. In maths Ms. Sawyer taught us a new thing. We learnt about patterns. The changes we have had with Ms. Sawyer is that our superheroes have moved from one wall to another. One of my favourite things about Ms. Sawyer is she plays handball with me.

Literacy Reflection 

In year 1 we liked writing stories with our literacy books. We wrote about Mrs. Gaspersic leaving. Most of the things we wrote was feelings and we feel sad and we could cry this second. We read a book in the library called “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day”. Our spelling letters were “ph” and “ff”. Some of are words were coffee, dolphin and many more.

Math Reflection 

In math we are learning about patterns: We found out there is a rule that patterns have to repeat.There are also counting patterns. Like 10, 20, 30, and 40 and so on. Patterns are nearly every where. We have seen patterns on the floor, jumpers, ties, in the playground and on your shirt. In the sand pit we can make patterns like boat, ship, boat, ship and it keeps on going.

Unit of Inquiry Reflection

In class we are learning about change. Everything changes. For example, from a baby to Grandpa, tadpoles change into frogs, tadpoles tails falls off, changing the teacher, the sun changes into the moon. We looked at books that involved change, and we wrote about change. We also learned about what you need to survive for example water, food, shelter, blood, oxygen, heart and brain.

Sports and Games Reflection

We played team games in sport today. One of the games was CTF. The end score was 5-5. At lunch, Chris played handball and Sam went down to the Mini Field and smashed Mr Corfield in soccer. The score was 5-1. Over all, this week was the best week ever!!!!!

Thank you for reading our blog 🙂

Come back again soon!!

Year 1


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