Day 9 – Final Game Day

This morning we were given a much appreciated sleep in by the coaches. We took the elevator down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast where we had a traditional Japanese breakfast that consisted of rice and sashimi. After breakfast we had some more time to rest up before our big game against the Japanese national champions Higashi Fukuoka High School. At about 11:30 we embarked to lunch were we had a traditional Japanese box lunch. At the end of the lunch the coaches told us to start getting mentally and physically ready for the game for the hour we were back at our hotel. At 2 o’clock we went for a light run through at Fukuoka’s most iconic park Ohiri Park. In this run through we went through the plays we were going to hopefully execute in the game.

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After lunch, we were back on the bus to head to Higashi Fukuoka High School. When we got there, we had to change and start warming up. After 15 minutes of warming up, it was time for the kick off. The boys played 2, 30 minutes’ halves and they all did well to come back with another great win. The score was 36 to 17, tries by Poidevin, Kearns, Turner x2, Lawson x2 and 3 conversions  out of 6.

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After the game, we all headed back to the hotel. The boys were given time to freshen up and get dressed before dinner. We all met at the lobby of the hotel and we all walked as a group to a nearby local restaurant for dinner. Rice and salad was already provided on the table but we had to cook our own food which was pork and beef, they allowed us to have seconds which was an advantage for the boys because of the hard work they have put in for the game. After dinner, we had two boys represent the whole tour group in thanking the two tour guides for the big effort they have put in for us, then the teachers made some announcements and also presented different prizes to different boys who have contributed to make this tour a memorable one.

By Louis Gray & Mai Tolu


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