Day 8 – Fukuoka

Today after breakfast we packed up all our gear and caught the bullet train from Hiroshima to Fukuoka, about an hour and a half away. The highlight from the bullet train was when we split in two groups and had a race for who was going to get ready first inside the train. We only had one minute to get one and get seated before the train took off. Gilly had to do some warm ups, couple squats, high knees and all that. The group leaders were Gilly and Bangers and it was intense. The ride was calm; some of the boys got to finish their sleeps and some played mafia.


On Monday, we went from lunch to another temple, on the way, we stopped past a large tree. Our tour guide explained the legend of the tree, explaining that it was said to have flown over on a birds back from Osaka to Fukuoka. The tree was said to be 1000 years old and was known as a couple tree. This meant that it started at the base and parted into two separate trees at the top, and were therefore seen as husband and wife by the surrounding community. We continued past the shrine, cleansed ourselves using the sacred water, and continued over the lake crossing three different bridges.


When we got back to the hotel, we had a bit of time to relax and explore the city. Not many people found any shopping destinations worthy of spending money, only an arcade in the train station where most of the boys spent their time, and a lot of their money, gambling for toys in the arcade rooms. We walked down the road 50 meters to our restaurant and travelled up to level 5, where we took our shoes off and sat at the tables. Entrées of fish and chicken were brought out, and shortly after came a beautiful salad and a plate full of ingredients. A pan full of water was brought out and placed on the portable stove in front of us and we began to cook the thin strips of beef, the lettuce, mushrooms and tofu. As we cooked and consumed the meal, they brought out a bowl of hot chips, deep fried sausages and deep fried chicken. Following this was desert, ice cream flavoured with either coconut, vanilla, caramel. Delicious (:

By Isi Halaufia & James Haldane

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