Day 7 – Onomichi to Hiroshima

Today we played our third game of the tour against Onomichi High School. It was a unique experience for everyone as we played on a sand pitch with no grass. There are plenty of players with scrapes and grazes from the sand but we are not getting much sympathy from the coaches who think we have all just become spoilt by how good the Johnson Oval is.


After the game the Onomichi players took us all out in small groups for lunch at some of the local restaurants and gave us a tour of their town. This was something new for the tour and it was great to get to know the Japanese students a bit better




After returning from Onomichi we went to the Hiroshima Peace memorial, Atom Bomb Dome and walked throughout the museum. It was an extremely interesting and eye opening experience that I myself will always remember. The museum involved many exhibitions and models that showed the devastation to both the city and the people of Hiroshima. Seeing a small scale model of the destroyed city showed just how powerful the atomic bomb (little boy) was and how it turned a city into nothing but rubble. Burnt clothing and parts of human remains were among some of the artefacts in the museum, most of which were from children who had been killed during or in the days after the blast. To me the most harrowing ¬†of the artefacts there was a stair case with the shadow of a man who had been instantly incinerated by the blast leaving nothing but the shadow of where he sat. After walking throughout the museum we made a short walk through the park where there were a number of monuments which included the Children’s Peace Memorial, Memorial Cenotaph for the A-bomb Victims and the Atomic Bomb Dome. These monuments were amazing to see and definitely a life experience. On a whole, walking through out the museum and memorial park was something that most of the boys will never forget.




By Opeti Helu & Cameron Horne

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