Day 6 – Miyajima Island

Today we caught a bullet train from Osaka to Hiroshima. Once we were up on the station we only had 1min to get on the train because of the efficient Japanese train schedule. After a couple of rehearsals and motivational speeches from Gilly to mentally prepare ourselves, we had 1min to get 30 men with luggage onboard. After a couple of deep breaths and stretches we rushed on the train like Ica when he sees  food. After the rush and thrill we all finally made it onto the train. The train ride went for approximately 1 hour and 30 mins. After we arrived to Hiroshima we had a delightful lunch which included a more western style of chicken schnitty/pork and rice with some tasty sauce. Once lunch was over we had time to go for a little roam around and shops. 20160416_154714_resized


After shopping we went on the bus to the ferry wharf. We caught the ferry to see the Itskushima Shrine. On the ferry trip there we were able to see the large floating gate which at high tide gives the illusion that it is floating. The large red gate weighs approximately 60tonne. On the island there was a large plaque indicating that the Itskushima shrine is one of Japan’s top 3 scenic destinations. The shrine itself was also elevated over the water but at low tide it is just sand. After exiting the shrine there were hundreds of great market stalls along the island many of them specializing in oversized rice paddles.


There is also a display of the largest rice paddle which is about 6 metres long and 3 metres wide. After getting the ferry back we checked into our new hotel for the next two nights. For dinner we had a Japanese specialty dish again, Okonomiaki. We had the same dish in Osaka however in Hiroshima they make the dish with noodles rather than rice. Many people argue over which region makes it better and this showed within the tour group with all the boys disputing over which was better.
Today we also collectively selected a tour song, “Highlight Tribe – Free Tibet (Vini Vinci Remix)” please skip to 3 minutes.


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