Day 3 – Bullet train to Osaka

Today we are finally leaving Tokyo and heading to Osaka by bullet train. A few late wake-ups meant some rushed breakfasts at around 7:40 (started at 7 and we had to be ready to leave at 7:50) meant a bit of chaos and 5 marginally late boys to get onto the bus. ¬†A first time offence lets you off with a warning and laundry duty in our case, but a second time means standing up on the bus and using the karaoke microphone to sing a song of our choice to the entire squad. Luckily for them, James was going to sing, but very unluckily for them, I was going to sing. I opted to go first as I knew going after James would just make me look worse. Having very little to no musical ability thanks to the musically-impaired genes of my father, I chose a classic and easy to sing song, the Australian national anthem. Once I stated, I very quickly made it apparent that I had decided to commence puberty right there and then and ripped out all the voice cracks, missed notes, and jumps in tone I could manage, much to the delight of the entire bus. After I had finished my 2 minutes of embarrassment, James was up and gave Adele a run for her money with a performance that brought tears to the eyes of the coaches. Luckily I recorded the entire piece and I’m sure James will love to see it again on Facebook once his birthday comes around. Once arriving at the amazingly large Tokyo Station, we were given 10 minutes to look around. Half the team walked down towards the other end of the station, surely 350/400 meters down the track, and the other half (myself included) made the wise choice to hit up a Starbucks which in Japan are in extremely regular supply. Having gotten our caffeine boost for the day, we went to board our bullet train to Osaka. We soon came to see the low skinny and sleek train that was to take us on the 2.5 hour trip, and many posed out the front for photos and videos. We boarded the train and having taken up a good third of the entire cabin, got relaxed and sat down for the ride. The uneventful, quiet, and smooth ride was amazing to experience, especially to see outside where thousands of buildings were whizzing past. After the 2.5 hours we arrived in Osaka ready to start our journey here.


For lunch we went to Osaka BotejunNishiten to make our own traditional Japanese pancakes. They consisted of shrimp, pork, egg and cabbage with traditional sauce and mayonnaise, we enjoyed this Japanese delicacy. This was followed by an odd jelly-like dessert, with peanut flavor powder sprinkled over the top.

20160413_123828_resized_1After lunch, we were allowed 15 minutes to roam the inner sanctum of Osaka’s hub of a city. Once our time was up and we were back on the bus we were delighted with Chris Bruce’s rendition of “do you really want to hurt me”. After that we visited the Osaka castle with a panoramic view of the city which displayed the epic city scape. We then visited a local mall to mingle with locals and buy a few essential items. After this exhausting day we checked in to our new hotel and relished in a buffet dinner.

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