Day 1 – Welcome to the land of the rising sun

We finally arrived in  Tokyo, Japan to begin what looking to be an awesome rugby tour with a great bunch of guys. It took an age to get through customs but then we off to explore this amazing city.


Our first stop was the famous Tsukiji fish market district where we were able to  try  some traditional Japanese cuisine and products. Most of the boys went for sushi but a few of the more adventurous got a little more exotic. After some free time to enjoy the streets and explore the rich fish markets we loaded ourselves back onto the bus and headed towards the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Gardens. The imperial Palace and gardens currently lie on the grounds of the Edo Castle, and is still home to the Emperor of Japan.


After the Castle, we headed off to the shrine where we were able to look at some of the sanctuaries we had all witnessed in movies where monks and Buddhists train themselves. This was a great experience as the shrines were extremely similar to how they were portrayed in he movies. The shrines were traditionally Japanese and were made all of timber.
Following this we went shopping for about 1 hour looking at Japanese clothes shops. The shops consisted of cheap Japanese shops similar to those in Sydney.
After this, we met at 2:15 and travelled to the tower. We waited about 15 minutes and travelled up 44 floors which was worth the wait. The views of Tokyo were amazing as we saw the sunwolves stadium and other sky scraper buildings! After this we finally touched down in the hotel which was a relief as we could shower and relax.

Dinner was a traditional Chanko meal which was a great experience for everyone. We all sat on Katani mats on the floor  and got a great glimpse of the local culture.


By James Turner, Stephen Zinonos and Fin Thompson

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