QR Codes

QR is an abbreviation for  “Quick Response”. QR codes take you through to content when scanned. QR codes can be used effectively for many learning exercises.

This page will explore:

  • great things QR codes can point through to
  • Ideas for use of QR codes for learning
  • scanning QR codes
  • how to create QR codes

Great content to push QR codes to:

The biggest strength of QR codes is the simplicity and speed of going through to an item. For instance they could take you through to:

  • plain text content (no internet connection needed)
  • a website, blog post, article or resource for more information
  • an online video or audio grab
  • a worksheet or form or, a spreadsheet,
  • a file to be downloaded
  • generate a phone call, SMS or email
  • an area to comment and/or provide feedback

SOME!!  Ideas for use of QR codes for learning:

This is far from an extensive list but more of a starter to get you thinking.  Getting students to create the content that the QR code is sending them to is a great way to personalise the content.

  • More info: on a piece of art could going through to a video of the process or an interview with the artist.
  • Descriptions and instructions: on an piece of equipment – through to a description or technique for use.
  • Interactive version: on a poster could go through to an online version with interactive and media rich content and a chance to comment.
  • Review: in a book to go through to a review with the option of adding comments.
  • Collecting data: collecting answers or data after an exercise.
  • QR Code treasure hunt: move around to answer questions. There is even a generator to make these for you where internet connection is not needed! They also have a heap of ones already created for many subjects. Check http://www.classtools.net/QR/ 

This is just to get you started. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON! A quick google search for QR codes within your subject or content area quickly generates a lot of ideas! Like this great Pinterest board with ideas for maths.

Scanning QR Codes:

Again there are lots of scanners. You basically want one that does just what you want it to do. We have settled on i-nigma as it is quick and free with minimal advertising.
Download i-Nigma for your device here.

i-nigma app is available for all mobile devices

i-nigma app is available for all mobile devices

Creating QR Codes:

QR Codes can be made a number of ways. The important thing is that you choose a method that creates just what you want and nothing more.

Goo.gl : Google Shortener – create and track:
if you are creating a code for a LINK then a great option is Google Shortener goo.gl,  you log in with your google ID and it allows you to create shortened type-able links but also generates a QR code you can copy and paste where you want. This method also enables tracking of your links.
Check our post on Google Shortener for a whole lot more!

GooGlTrackingScreenshot Note the QR Code that can be saved as an image

Note the QR Code that can be saved as an image.

i-nigma.com for creating QR codes:
If you need to make aQR code for some text ie a question or short bit of info then you will need to use a different QR code creator. One that works well is by i-nigma who create the scanner we suggested.

http://www.i-nigma.com/CreateBarcodes.html Creates QR codes for text, links, contact details and SMS.

QR Code Creation Via i-ngma.com

QR Code Creation Via i-ngma.com

Other Options for creating:
there are heaps of other options and some come with bells and whistles with embedded images and all sorts. Just take care that what you are creating is in actual fact what you want.

This page will be updated and “enhanced” over time through response to feedback and comments as well as responding to updates and changes.
25 Sept 2014 page created by Rolfe Kolbe @rolfek