After exploring the reasons for a focus on creating graphics, we start to explore apps that enable! Snapseed app is certainly one of these apps and it is a pretty special bit of gear! It features great edits for photos via filters but its real strength is in editing graphics to use in presentations and the like.

Snapseed's selective adjust feature is powerful

Snapseed’s selective adjust feature is powerful

Snapseed Across Mobile Devices:

Snapseed is free and powerful. It is available on iOS and Android devices and it is on the app list for our students and staff. Learning how to use it well can yield some great results.
Snapseed APP on the iTunes App Store
Snapseed on Google Play for Android

Snapseed Tutorials:

Snapseed has a rich feature set and trumps many other apps due to this. A number of tutorials are earmarked for this blog.

Graphics for Presentations:

Creating graphics that make a presentation “pop” helps generate pride in work and ownership of content. Snapseed can be used to create great graphics for presentations particularly due to the ability to selectively adjust areas for brightness, contrast and saturation. This tutorial makes use of these strengths to create great graphics for presentations.
NOTE: This can be improved even further with graphics with transparent backgrounds which is featured on the PSTouch page.
on a mobile device click anywhere BUT the play symbol! huh!

5 Oct 2014 
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