iMovie on an iPad is a massively useful bit of gear! the fact that you can take your photos and video on the same device as you do the edits highlights the power of “convergence” the iPad version is closing in on the laptop version in relation to features.

Using iMovie: a fun and fast tutorial

NOTE: Click anywhere BUT the play symbol to play! huh!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques:

  • Move parts around by holding down on them then dragging
  • Use graphics for titles to have more control
  • zoom in on the timeline by pinching
  • “split” clips if you want titles only on a part of it
  • detach audio if you want to have your audio continue while you cut to something else (like in a news bulletin)
  • get rid of the “Ken Burns” effect (the zooming thing by getting the start and finish positions the same.
  • audio levels can be adjusted for each part as can fade in and out
  • be familiar with the undo button (it is your friend)