Green Screen By Doink

This app is superb and has completely debunked the whole process of green screening. The simplicity and power of doing this on an iPad is amazing! Being able to see your results live is an absolute bonus!

Green Screening on iPads:

. …  … and then Green Screen by Doink came along!

A Fun Tutorial and Example:

See what is possible in this fun little tutorial then read on for some tips, tricks and ideas.
Video Link if embedded video won’t open

So in Summary (even though the video is sub 2min!):

  • Use the bottom layer to drop in images and video at the “playhead”  (the time where the timeline is up to)
  • add your “green screened” content on a layer above this
  • Save as Video file!

Once you have the techniques down pat the world is your oyster and your creative juices can flow! Hopefully you have read our Green Screening page with examples and ideas for use in learning, expand on them!

APP SMASHING: (apps using together)

Using apps together allows sooooo much! In the tutorial video you may have noticed graphic elements from Keynote and Comic Book really brought things to life. In actual fact a whole lot of other apps were used as well and why wouldn’t you when it is so accessible! Snapseed and PS Touch were also used along with Keynote and Comic Book for the graphics.

The video running in the background was “Blue Highway” made years ago on an iPhone3 with a cool colour splash effect with VideoSplash and then then a tilt shift and lime lapse effect via TiltShift Video.

Green Screen App Smashing: So basically any animation or similar that is created with a consistently coloured background could be “Green Screened” Here is a video made with Green Screen by Doink and Tellagami apps together. (more on Tellagami later!) This one of many great options.


We look forward to adding examples to this page so stay tuned. Likewise it would be great to hear from others on what has worked for them and other ideas for making this all work well!
Make sure to also check out our page on green screening that explores the concepts and uses for learning.

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