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There are a number of great apps for creating eBooks (ePub = electronic Publishing format) After extensive testing and comparing Book Creator app came out as the winner! (by head and shoulders actually!)

Book Creator App:

Book Creator App is a simple to use and yet powerful app. The finished eBook works across devices that can read eBooks. Books can include slabs of text, images, annotations, audio, video and links. The finished product can be saved as an eBook (ePub) a .pdf OR as video!

A tutorial and subsequent review:

This short video highlights the features of Book Creator as well as being a tutorial for use.  Powerful stuff!

The eBook Version of the tutorial: and a demo!!

Screenshot 2014-09-24 17.57.22Check out the eBook version with the embedded tutorial + tips and tricks!
– Download ePub from OneDrive
NOTE: on iPad or iPhone use Safari and open in iBooks

eBooks for Learning:

The biggest use case for creating eBooks is for pulling content together into a finished product. There is something neat about the “tactile” interaction with the finished product when saved as an ePub. The ability to have video and audio built in also makes it particularly powerful for many subjects that rely on aural components.

Being able to save an eBook as a video is also an interesting recent addition. This is particularly good when a lot of your book is audio with snippets of simple text. Books can also be saved in pdf format if they are to be accessed on devices without eBook readers.

Book Creator app has a great feature set.

Book Creator app has a great feature set!

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the inspector “i” button to adjust options for selected item and to delete elements.
  • Using graphics with transparent backgrounds or well created ones with white backgrounds give you great versatility with your layout.
  • Go to the “pages” tab to duplicate, rearrange or delete pages (hold down on the page in this view THEN double click it for more options. NOTE: to go back to editing click on the page you want.
  • Share a ePubs in a public folder and shorten the link to share.
  • Insert drawing from other apps like Notability instead as the inking is pretty bad in the app.
  • For save as a video then the time spent on each slide is governed by the length of audio and video on pages and how much text there is = very neat!
  • Saving as a pdf does not save the audio or video but links work.

Extra Notes:

In preparation and testing the apps tested were:
– Pages
– Book Creator
– Creative Book Builder
– Book Writer
– DemiBooks composer (need to test further)
– Scribble Press
– StoryBuddy2
– StoryKit
– OTHERS loosely explored!

What was important in comparing apps?:
– embedding of content: text, photos, audio, video
– simplicity of use
– finished product consistency epub and pdf does it look like it should look, ie fonts, positioning etc!
– powerful but simple to use!
– able to be used K-12
– cloud access
– sharing
– ability to open in other apps properly

Thank You:

Thanks to Meg Wilson @ipodsibilities for her list of apps to help research a whole heap of options for creating eBooks on iDevices!

This page will be updated and “enhanced” over time through response to feedback and comments as well as responding to updates and changes.
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19 Oct 2014
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