iPad Featured Content:

iPads – Cons and Pros:Is the iPad a good choice of tool? How can learning be enhanced with iPads? This page is also a springboard to lots of content!
Mobility: moving around while presenting is really effective click to go through to our page on options for being mobile!
iPads and Canvas: how to work in canvas and submit work
Our Challenge Based Learning Project from 2013: iPads in action

Using iPads:

iPad Tips and Tricks: a growing resource for all learners
Base use of ICT for Learning: a good start on the right foot
Creating Documents With iPads: written and typed notes
iPad Mounts and Microphones: for filming

iPad Apps:

Explain Everything Power: a review and tutorial
Notability:  handwritten and text notes
iMovie: a short fun tutorial with tips, tricks and techniques
Green Screen by Doink: many great applications for learning
Book Creator app: a super app for creating eBooks
Photoshop Touch app: powerful options
Snapseed: for super quick and powerful graphics

App Smashing:

Creating Tutorials with iPads: worth a look
Nearpod: for interactive mobile presentations

NOTE: iPad Blog Posts: all posts with the category “iPads”