iPads: Tips and Tricks

Getting Started tips for iPad use:

After having a play and getting used to the keyboard and other navigational features you will be ready to learn a few more things to really enhance your experience.
This area will pool together a number of posts with tips and tricks. For now here are some useful starters!

Tips and Tricks:

Settings area: EXPLORE! check out your options for lots of personalisation. Set a passcode to lock your device!

Move app icons or create folders: hold the app icon down for 2 seconds and it will start to wiggle! Now drag it where you want to, delete it or drag on top of another icon to create a folder.

Slide a finger up from very bottom of your screen: for brightness and volume control, iPod controls, airdrop, airplay, orientation and other settings as well as quick access to camera.

Double click of home button: (or put 4 fingers on the screen and slide up!) to move between recently opened apps just scroll across at  to select other open apps NOTE: Slide up on the app in this view to turn it off.

Screen shot: hold the “home” button and the on off button together.

Select, cut, copy and paste or delete: hold your finger down over the text for the magnifying glass that allows easier placement of your cursor. Hold down over a word then let go to select the word, or move the “handles” to choose what you want to select.

Undo, Redo: Holding down the undo button up top gives the option of redo.

Keyboard fun! TRY THESE! Double click up arrow for caps lock, click [!, ] button and drag up for apostrophe, and likewise the [?.] button for quotes, double space will insert a full stop, click and hold a letter for more options like à etc. click on the numbers button at bottom left and slide up to whatever you want and you remain on the normal keyboard.

Camera stuff: when taking a photo click on what you thing you want to be focused on and the light to be measured on. Click on screen and you will have the option of a zoom. (it is better not to use this though) The best orientation is with home button the right (for uploading to PC’s)

PDFs or eBooks these can be added to iBooks easily by holding down on an attachment to an email or navigating to a document on a webpage and holding down on the attachment and choosing “open in” iBooks

Pages and keynote help: lots more later but for now the “i ” button has a lot of options.

NOTE: The spanner allows “share and print” then select “copy to WEBDAV” where you can save directly to WebDav enabled environments.

Getting Stuff off your Camera Roll:

There are a number of cloud services like dropbox, Google Drive, Box etc that make it easy to get access, and save items with your device. There are also a number of device to device options including iCloud and AirDrop.

As well as these more “virtual” options you can use your charging cord and connect to a computer.

For Windows: plug charging cord in, ignore iTunes, open like a USB, just copy the files you want.

For Mac: plug charging cord in, go to “image capture” (go to magnifying glass and type it in)

Where from here?:

This is just a starter to get you the next step once you have had a play. You will find that presenting with iPads is powerful as you can easily switch between apps and content. Here are some recommended setting to be able to  present without embarrassing yourself:
Setting up an iPad for a teacher presenting

Some fine tuning, tips and tricks:

Here are some useful little “tid bits” to help you really get your iPad humming along!

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