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Spreadsheeting is a skill that is needed in so many industries today. You would be crazy to do any sort of accounting and financial management or data analysis without spreadsheets!

Google Sheets function like excel spreadsheets but they work in the browser without software and you can collaborate and share or continue on another device. There are a few little differences but they are SUPER!

Google Sheets Screen Shot

Google Sheets Screen Shot. note that it is in the browser and there are multiple users

As well as being collaborative and sharable, Google Sheets can be “downloaded” in a number of forms including .xls and .pdf The .pdf and print functions are intelligent with sensible default options with the full width sheet on one page named after the tab that you are in. Spreadsheets can be uploaded to Google Drive and converted to Google Sheets to become collaborative.

Google Forms save their responses into Google Sheets allowing you to analyse and organise collected survey data (collaboratively if you like!)

Ideas for Use:

Spreadsheeting skills for life: Knowing spreadsheeting skills in it’s own right is a great focus for learning and this often done by mathematics departments of schools but certainly is not limited to maths. Knowing the skills of collecting, analysing and displaying data is a skill worth having for all subjects.

RESOURCE: Building spreadsheeting skills with Google Sheets from patterns through to analysing Quantitative and Categorical data!

Spreadsheets and Art: Of course there is always an artistic side to spreadsheeting! Check out this fun example of spreadsheet art! Still my favourite spreadsheet video ever!

Tips and Tricks:

Content to come!

Sheets app on iPads:

Sheets app on iPads allows collaborative edits. Unfortunately spread sheets on an iPad is not an enjoyable experience but hopefully this will improve in time to come!
 since the update in August 2014 Excel documents can now be edited in the Sheets app and Sheets can be saved as Excel files.

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