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Google Forms is the “survey” part of Google Apps, they are superb for gathering information of all sorts and they can have the results collected into a Google Sheet that can then be shared.

Collected data can feed straight into a spreadsheet. No counting, ordering and trying to read illegible text. Save paper and printing, share your results. Well written forms can generate great auto generated statistics and graphs too.

An embedded form to inform:

Instead of talking about what can be done, a form has been created to demonstrate many of the options and settings. It is embedded below. Read below it for ideas on using forms for learning as well as other little gems!
embedded form below

Ideas for Learning:

Statistics, data collection and analysis is the obvious one for so many subjects. A tip here if you were collecting the links to a class set of surveys is to create a form to collect the links and sharing the spreadsheet of links as view only.

Collection of information at events and otherwise, no counting, ordering and trying to read illegible text. Save paper and printing, share your results. No brainer really and quick! Share your link as a shortened link or QR code. See Google Shortener page.

Collection of times for PDHPE and other events using the time question type with duration.

Choose your own adventure story create forms with pages and have the respondents going to different questions once they have answered. they can end in different points or have a different journey to the end point.

Leading into Spreadsheets: collecting good data is a great lead in to spreadsheeting activities. See the Google Sheets page for more!

Self Marking Forms: Use a tool like “Flubaroo” to create self marking forms. you just fill out the first form to be the correct answers. (More on this later!)

Embed a form into a page like above so folks don’t have to leave the page. You could also embed the resultant sheet of results into a page as well if you want to bring it all together. (refresh would be required)

NOTE: Creating forms on iPads: this can be done if you go to “Drive” in the browser and go to “desktop version”

Comments and Feedback:

We would love to hear your ideas and experiences or maybe something from this page that has helped.

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