What are Blogger blogs by Google?:

Blogger is the blogs arm of Google and allow the creation and editing of blogs using your Google login. Blogs can range from a basic collection of time stamped posts through to a complete website/blog with static pages of content along with the dynamic posts. They can be skinned with themes to give the desired feel.  Check for more.

Ideas for use – Blogger blogs for learning:

Blogs are superb for recording ideas and thoughts and also for collecting feedback if it is required.  Both google sites and Blogger blogs are also great for embedding content into pages like YouTube clips or work that has been created in a web service or an app where you are given “embed code”. Work can be submitted as a link.

Good use of “labels” can mean that a blog could be diverse in content and yet themes can still be grouped together. Maths content could sit beside English content etc etc labels can then draw content together. Menus via “layout” can be created to give the blog structure.

#important!: Both sites and blogs are also a great way to actively teach positive digital citizenship. Modeling of sharing and collaboration and commenting positively on other peoples content is a great way to address the appropriate online use in a positive way. The non-negotiables of Digital Citizenship need to be covered before starting!

Working with other schools to encourage reading of each other’s content and commenting appropriately is also a great practice. A close by school can actually have a great extra element of a meet up after interacting over time!

Tutorial: Really getting going with Blogger!

This tutorial shows how to:
– Start a new Blogger blog
– Add posts, pages and labels
– Adjust your layout and template
PS it was all done on an iPad

Further hints:

– Choose a great theme and apply it to your blog.
– Add “Google Analytics” to your blog to monitor how users interact

Comments and Feedback:

We would love to hear your ideas and experiences or maybe something from this page that has helped.

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