Explain Everything

This app is epic! Explain Everything gives amazing options for creating videos and presentations and it’s development cycle is excellent with regular great improvements.

Explain Everything is SUPERB, it is one of the best content creation apps there is! It is super easy to use and the end files and sharing allow for great flexibility. @rolfek

The concept is basic! You create slides from scratch or from imported content like .ppt, .key, .pdf, .doc, photos, videos, audio clips or screenshots then you record interactions, annotations and narration over the top! It stitches all your slides together and you can save as a movie to your camera roll or straight to web services and cloud storage! AND it now works across all “tablet” platforms, iOS, Android and Win8 (14/6/2014)

This page includes :
– A tutorial and review
– Ideas for use in learning
– Tips and tricks for use
– Links to Downloads

Tutorial and Review of Explain Everything app:

Explain Everything works across all the tablet platforms and the features  shown below are within the iOS iPad app. Check out the video highlighting some of the features then read on to see ways that the app can be used effectively for learning with some tips for sharing and the like. PS new tutorial on the way!

Explain Everything for Learning: tested ideas!

There are so many great applications for this app in learning. The obvious use case is for narrated and annotated video to “explain ANYthing!” also creating “how to” guides and the like.

Create videos/tutorials from photos or screenshots: Take screen shots of each step in a process or photos of the steps and then “create project from photos” and make a screen cast! Check our post on “Creating Tutorials” which couples Explain Everything with the awesome notability app! NOTE: the order you pick the items will be the order of slides!

Narrate and annotate existing PowerPoint presentations: (or spreadsheets documents or .pdfs or . ….) Check this great example 

Add comments and notes to your own video: NOTE: great for coaching videos where you  can pause the video, annotate and narrate what each person is doing and what should be done then restart the video.

Create a collaborative summary of a unit of work by having the slides ready to roll and getting your class to narrate a slide each! Check this maths example here that was done in half a lesson! OR share the project file and get them to each create their own video.

Create a puppet show like puppet pals app but with more control over your scenes HINT: create “Puppets” with transparent background first.

Record interactions with a live website: Add a “New Browser” onto your projects and record as you navigate and interact with the site!

Share a Project: start an explain everything and share it as a project where users can add their own comments and notes and save their own video. This gives everyone the same starting point. This is great for creating “stimulus material” that users then interact with, personalise and complete.
TEST SHARE: Try this one shared via a public Google Drive folder

Tips and Tricks for use:

  • Be prepared and organised: keep your video as concise as possible. Pause your recording instead of fumbling around.
  • Undo: The Undo/Redo button is your best friend!
  • Order: When you create a new project from screenshots or camera roll items, the order you choose the items will be the order of slides.
  • Slide Sorter: familiarise yourself with the “slide sorter” by clicking on the slide number in the bottom bar. Hold down on a slide then rearrange, duplicate and delete at your will. (be careful with delete as you can’t get them back!!!)
  • Annotations: The inking works nicely now but it is best to avoid annotating live, instead pause, do your annotating and then start recording again.
  • No need for stop-start: when you have blank slides ready to go then just start recording and advance the slides while narrating as it will look after the timing. if you make a mistake you can just go back and fix the errant slide after.
  • Transparent background with graphics: having graphics with transparent backgrounds before you add them in allows for some great effects as you move them around while recording.
  • Mute microphone for video playback: “mute” microphone for when you play an embed a video with audio within your recording otherwise you can get an echo. (home>settings>record)
  • Fine-tune edit slides: click on the “time” in your tool bar and you will be able to rerecord or merge with a new recording where you want.
  • Deleting stuff: Be careful! Once you record over something it is gone! Once you delete a slide, it is gone! Save often so you can revert if it goes awry.
  • Arranging Elements: use the i in a box to lock and or arrange elements.
  • Importing files: make the slides the background so you don’t accidentally drag them all over the place. “Open in” straight from keynote and other apps. Widescreen imports are dropped at the top of the screen so need to be slid down into the guides if you are exporting widescreen.
  • Wide Screen export: you can now export as 1920×1080 you just need to make sure you choose to show the guides and keep everything within them.
  • Folders and Merging Projects: if you drag one project onto another in the home view you will be able to merge the projects or create a folder.
  • Final Rendering: allow time for this, you cannot leave the app while it is doing this.

Explain Everything Downloads:

Explain Everything now works across all “tablet devices”
– iPads: iOS APP Link
 Windows 8: Win8 APP Link
– Android: Google Play APP Link
– Mac: Explain Everything PLAYER APP not for editing! yet?!

In Summary:

This is #APPgold! worth every cent! The updates to the app over time have been great and have made it a lot more stable and powerful. Enjoy and have fun!
Check out:
morriscooke.com/?p=134 for a whole lot more Explain Everything goodness!

NOTE: this page gets updated, enhanced and resubmitted. Thanks for comments and feedback.
Page created by Rolfe Kolbe @rolfek
23 Jan 2014 more content and examples of use.
21 May 2014 more tips and tricks and ideas for use. Comments about better inking and widescreen export.
3 July 2014 Win8 (thanks @pipcleaves) and Android option and links added and the page was moved out of the iPads section.