As part of the “STEM festival” at school this week our Year 7 classes all had a session in their maths classes where they created “Mathematiclips” (stay tuned with that concept!!)

An example: Equations with Angus Webster

Creating “Mathematiclips”

Being able to explain a concept to others requires an understanding of the work. Learning by creating content also allows for personalised work and helps to build “skills for today” while still covering the content. Created content can be used in many ways online to build units of work and collate content.

We explored a number of ways of creating explanation clips using apps and web services and then we focussed on harnessing the incredible inking of Notability along with super summation of Explain Everything to create short “explanation videos”.

 “. … making instructional mathematic video clips allows our boys to “make their thinking visible”. Often in Mathematics knowing what is going on in a learners head when they are writing a solution is invisible to others. By allowing learners to explain their thinking they make it visible to us and build stronger cognitive connections.”
Doug Vass (Head of Mathematics)

The sessions were a lot of fun and the outputs were great even with such a short time to create them. Some boys really highlighted their depth of understanding of content like:
Jonathan Lee with his extension into Quadratics!

The method we chose:

The goal was to have a method that is achievable and efficient and each session had a demonstration by a student of the technique. The class received a Notability file (via a module in Canvas) that they opened in Notability, chose a question or created their own and used this to create screenshots and  create their videos. This short tutorial shows the process we used. (3min15s)


Check out our page on Creating Explanation videos and Screencasts that goes into more depth and looks at other options.