We have an opportunity to present at the AIS ICT Integrators  conference in 2014 and then run a couple of table sessions where delegates move around the tables seeing what is going on and asking questions of students as they move around. The  link to the conference is http://www.aisitic.org/home


The workshop is aiming to highlight the power of iPads for content creation and give ideas for effective use for learning. Both sessions are only 50 minutes so the focus will be on movie creation options.(with options to ask for more from the students)


  • iPad content creation is superb and powerful
  • Learning! Creating content is a great focus for learning – explaining to others – scripting and completing!
  • The idea is to whet appetites and get folks thinking about how this can be enabled and enhance learning.
  • with only 50 min we will look at video creation as a theme with a number of options. “Table sessions” will then also allow questions to be asked of the students as well as being able to work beside them in creating content.

The Content:

We are going to do three tasks that build on each other and highlight some great content creation options as well as hopefully answer some questions as well.

Task 1: “Open in” Explain Everything 

Harry, Rohan and Fin: Explain everything is a seriously powerful app. One of the best features is the ability to open other files in the app and then narrate, annotate and interact with each slide while you are recording. With only 15 min of time we hope to open an existing Keynote  file and then demonstrate

  • adding narration and annotations and interaction with the laser pointer.
  • we will then add further interaction with preprepared graphics with transparent backgrounds that will be used as “puppet” characters while narrating.

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We will hopefully cover off some tips and tricks while demonstrating. The finished video will be saved to Google drive for sharing as required. To finish the section we will throw up our Explain Everything page with more tips tricks and a tutorial.

 Task 2: Green Screening

Daniel and Isaac: Green screening is widely used in TV shows, news and weather reports as well as for special effects in movies. It is a fun process and the applications for learning are endless. The great thing is that Green Screening is now highly accessible, affordable and easy.

In the session we hope to:

  • Refer to our Green Screen Page for an overview
  • Demonstrate Green Screen by Doink App
  • adding a narrator over the top of images, slides, screenshots, and an existing video.
  • explore the options of recording on green or recording live!
  • show the app for a quick and easy way of superimposing something in a photo
  • demonstrate some tips and tricks
  • Talk of other options like using Tellagami with a green background
  • refer to our pages with resources our Green Screen Page and Green Screen by Doink page.

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 Task 3: Khan Academy Style Videos

Darcy and Lucas: You can annotate in Explain Everything and add images and the like and this has become much smoother but we have found that it is better to do the annotations in something purpose built for annotating. We are going to use screenshots from Notability and open in order as a project in Explain Everything.

In the session we hope to:

  • Open an existing Notability file
  • Arrange the content to be right for your finished screen and screenshot
  • delete a line at a time taking screenshots of each step
  • go to Explain Everything and choose new project from files and select the files in the order you want them to appear.
  • record your interactions
  • Save the project as a video wherever you want – VOILA!
  • check our full tutorial here!

There are other great options for doing a similar process. If you were writing very little then just doing it in Explain Everything would be suffice. Other options to explore are Doceri (tutorial to come)

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