Notability came out as the best note taking app after a lot of testing and trialling. Since then it has been used at scale and we can write a whole lot more about the app, what can be achieved, the positives and negatives. How it can be used in learning and now we have also created a page to collate Notability Suggestions for improvements.

The Updated Notability Page:

Our Notability page is pulling together a whole lot of ideas and resources in relation to Notability app. The page also has a collaborative ongoing document looking at Suggestions for improvements.



On the 8th of July there was an update by @gingerlabs who created Notability it read: “Preparing Notability for what’s to come…” This is exciting and could be heralding the move to the possibility of editing notes in a “web app” or apps for Android, Mac and Windows to add to the apps already created.

Notability Suggestions for Improvements :

We have also now added an ongoing collaborative document of suggestions for improvements to the notability app, it can be read and added to at