NearPod is a great way to present with mobility and interactivity. It works across all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Web App) Presentations can be synchronised across devices and controlled by the presenter or be self paced “homework” exercises (paid plans).

Presenting with Nearpod not only gives great mobility options and interactivity but it ticks a whole lot of “engagement” boxes in the process! #whoohooo

Nearpod presentations (NPP) can include all sorts of media and content including powerpoint slides, pdfs, images,  slideshow of images (paid), videos as a file, youtube videos, audio and a “shared webpage” without leaving the app. Interactivity can be of the form of polls and quizzes, “draw it” exercises and open ended questions.

Presenters can see all students progress on their screens as presentation runs and then individual answers can be shared to all devices as can results from polls and quizzes. Full session reports can be downloaded showing all interactions and progress as a beautiful pdf or as a csv file (if you have a paid subscription)

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