Having tools that allow you to be untethered while still projecting make a massive difference as a presenter.

These tools can be an aid for better classroom management as well as making it easier to keep a  check on student engagement. Mobility can also allow “personalised” attention for the student that is having difficulties enjoying the presenters awesome content!

One Possibility: AppleTV allows mobility with apps like Notability for rich board notes, the camera to project pieces of work and all while still having access to resources while moving around and projecting.

Where Are We At!

There are a number of options for mobility of different types:

– Wireless Receivers like Apple TV (and soon Chromecast).
– Apps that turn your mobile device into a trackpad and keyboard for a computer that is  connected to the projector.
– Software that allows Airplay capability to a computer.
– Apps that show your desktop on your mobile device.
– Apps that enable screensharing to multiple devices.
– Wireless Projectors.

We have explored many of them and shared our findings on the mobility page in this blog. As with everything it is a WORK IN PROGRESS but nevertheless it is coming on nicely.

Join in the fun! Go through to our page on Mobility

Aiplay Via AppleTV

Aiplay Via AppleTV