Paris Tour

Lucas Greenslade

After catching the train into Paris with mr Bennett we made our first sight of the day, the George Pompidou centre, however due to time we couldn’t enter and instead admired it’s strange architecture. After buying some crepes from a stall nearby we set off to the Notre Dame where we took a few snaps and then headed over the bridge of locks to make our way to the Jardin de Tuileries. After a short stroll through the Jardin we made our next destination the Arc de Triomphe, to which we went to via the Champs Élysées. Having reached our destination we decided to climb the Arc’s long stairwell to reach it’s top, providing us a stunning 360 degree view of Paris. Our next stop after this was the Eiffel Tower, which sad-fully due to lack of time and some people’s fear of heights (jack) we couldn’t climb, nonetheless getting some great views from underneath it. With everyone’s legs tiring from all the day’s walking we decided to head back to the train station and make our way back home, stopping at a McDonald’s on the way there to fill our bellies and Lucas’s curiosity of how a Royale with cheese tastes. After the train to the Charle de Gaulle airport where mr Bennett was staying we said our goodbye’s to him and got on the bus back to Senlis to end the day.

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