First day of school

Jack Crawford

Bonjour Tout Le Monde,
Today we arrived in France! Fresh from a 24 hour flight and a 7 hour layover in Singapore myself, Lucas and Alastair went to school while Tom and Alex stayed at home and slept.
Before going to school however, I went to my exchange student’s house to get some warmer clothes and a backpack for books and stuff. After a twenty minute walk through what felt like Antartica compared to Australia, I arrived at school. I instant noticed how old the school is. It was made in the 11th century and this can be seen in the old stone hallways and the architecture of the buildings.
Next were the classes. Walking into my first class with Alastair (not Lucas because he’s in a different class) I felt nervous and annoyed. I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect; would they teachers and students be nice? Will they make me speak in French? And I was annoyed because it had just finished school. But I was pleasantly surprised.
The teachers and students were great, the classes were actually fun and although I had to speak French occasionally, I did not feel judged when I made a mistake or did not understand. After all the whole point of coming here was so my French could improve.
Overall, today has been really good. I feel as if my French will improve greatly over the next six weeks and think all the other boys do as well. Tomorrow all the exchange students have advanced English in the morning which shall be fun (at least I can be understand that subject).
Au revoir
Jack Crawford

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