Singapore Stopover

As Jack, Lucas and I had chosen a slightly earlier flight than the year Tens. We had a bit of time to do some sightseeing with mr Bennet during our 7 hour stopover in Singapore, we decided to leave the airport for a little while to stretch our legs. We stored our luggage and headed off to Marina Bay to do some sightseeing. We arrived just in time to see the sun set around Marina Bay Sands. It was a beautiful sight and we took plenty of pictures.

After a day of plane¬†food we decided to get some food. While we walked past many restaurants and stores we could only bring ourselves to eat some ice Cream. Or for some people¬†3 Ice Creams…..Lucas.

Following this we headed to the Fountain of wealth hoping it would help us for the weeks of shopping ahead of us and then finally got in a taxi and headed back to the airport.

Once here we met the sheepish looking year 10s as they arrived perfectly as we arrived back at the airport. By this time it was around 1am Sydney time and some other people had to get some coffee and chocolate to keep them going…..Lucas (and Jack this time).

We did a bit of shopping and made it onto the flight where we were able to sleep as much as possible (which wasn’t much).

We were all very tired when we arrived in paris, But no we kept going, and went to school. But that’s another story.

IMG_3452_2 IMG_3455 IMG_3459 IMG_3460_2 IMG_3463_2 IMG_3475 IMG_3478 IMG_3488_2 IMG_3492 IMG_3497 IMG_3499 IMG_3506 IMG_3510_2 IMG_3513_2 IMG_3519


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