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We’re Back

All the Boys, Coach Burgess and Bus Driver “Pauly P” have made it safely back to the Stanmore Campus with the IBC trophy.

The boys have strengthen their friendships and have a much better understanding of each others play…..bring on the GPS season!

The boys next play against Trinity College, Summer Hill in the A J Rae shield, check the playing time, one not to miss!


Canberra Grammar v Brisbane Grammar

Game 5– July 5, 2012

This tournament on the final day sees NC out in front by one point but the competition is still wide open. A win to the Brisbane boys can see them retain the trophy if NC draw or lose the following game so this is a game that is shaping up to be a cracker. BGS scored 6 goals yesterday and CGS have only allowed one goal in all tournament, so it’s the best attacking team v the best defensive team. Continue reading Canberra Grammar v Brisbane Grammar

Brisbane Grammar v St Peter’s College

Game 3 – July 4, 2012

This game of the tournament will see the Winners of Game 1 play the losers of Game 2. Can Brisbane Grammar come back with a win after what may turn out to be the game of the tournament yesterday?

The referee blows time on at 9:31AM and BGS start in a similar way, early pressure resulting with a shot on goal in the second minute only to be denied by the post. The ball has been cleverly worked up the field and an opportunity presents itself for a low drive to the left upright, easily taken by the keeper. Continue reading Brisbane Grammar v St Peter’s College

Newington College v Brisbane Grammar

Game 2 – July 3, 2012

The stage has been set, this is the game that Mr Burgess has primed the boys for. The standard of the first game set a high benchmark and both teams are going through their warmups with a match like intensity.

The referee blows time on at 11:29 AM. BGS take an initial stranglehold of the ball and set up camp in the NC defensive third. Some imaginatively play saw the ball go across the box and with an excellent read Thomas Greeley turned defence into attack, running the ball through the midfield to set up a series of shots on goal. The BGS defenders held and the scoreline remains 0-0. What a start, we are in for a cracker! Continue reading Newington College v Brisbane Grammar

Morning Runs

Day 2 – Run around the lake

Did I mention brrrrr, The run started at 6AM in the dark and minus 5. You know its cold when steam is pouring out the the drains and black ice is scattered on the cycle / running paths. The run went from Canberra Grammar down to Lake Burley Griffith then headed west along the shore line until the second bridge. Crossing the bridge then around the northern edge of the lake to the Carillion then back across the first bridge then along the lakes edge then past Telopea Park School and back to Canberra Grammar via the Manuka Shopping strip.

Continue reading Morning Runs