Canberra Grammar v Brisbane Grammar

Game 5– July 5, 2012

This tournament on the final day sees NC out in front by one point but the competition is still wide open. A win to the Brisbane boys can see them retain the trophy if NC draw or lose the following game so this is a game that is shaping up to be a cracker. BGS scored 6 goals yesterday and CGS have only allowed one goal in all tournament, so it’s the best attacking team v the best defensive team.

Kick off at 9:03 AM with BGS. A loose ball sees the CGS team take a touch then shoot only to be high but this hopefully shaping up to see CGS score their first goal of the tournament and this early attempt is a strong indication that they are fully committed although they have no chance of securing the trophy.

BGS are setting up with nice play down the left side. A brilliant save from the CGS keeper sees a corner. Play continues with CGS bringing the ball through the midfield only to lose it to the BGS center, this boy is one of the standouts of the tournament. The BGS keeper fires long from a goal kick and BGS are on fire. A BGS corner is sent to the near post and the keeper is relieved by the ball bouncing off the cross bar then safely into his hands.

CGS make use of their speedster down the right side as he almost gets around the last defender but the ball goes out for  CGS throw. The throw in is long and is sent into the box but BGS gain control and move the ball out through the middle. A pass to the forward gives the BGS player to pick his spot and he delivered the ball with his right foot to the top right corner just out of the reach of the CGS keeper, 1-0 (9:41AM).

CGS are given a freekick 35 m out and the delivery to the far post is just out of reach and BGS goal and will restart the game with a goal kick. The ball is being pushed quickly and the extra pressure is causing turn overs. The ball is starting to be pushed longer and the opportunites for counterattacking is being nullified by the offside law. The temperature just dropped with the slightest breeze and brrrrrr. I am heading back to the room at half time to get my wind jacket and gloves, brrrrrrrr.

CGS move the ball elegantly through the midfield and towards the left side. They win a throw from clever play but the BGS take control and head back towards goal. Some imaginative play sees an unmarked BGS boy in front of goal and now it 2-0 (9:51AM). BGS continue to improve their presence on the ball and the midfield is all them at the moment.

CGS again use the pace of their right winger and he shows some adept skill to work a corner. The cross is high over the unmarked player. CGS are showing some drive and give themselves two opportunities both finishing without the desired result. BGS again push and again the midfield present the front guys a chance, high and wide. The next attempt s driven low and hard and results in a corner. Too deep.

CGS push forward but the push is just too long and the BGS keeper with a long searching kick turns defense into attack. 10:02 AM and the a perfectly weighted cross sees the BGS boy jump higher and the goal is enjoyed by the whole team. With 6 min to the half time whistle and trailing by 3 CGS look to expand down the right side. They are finding the right side the only way forward and it one dimensional however this boy is quick and skilful.

Some good work and BGS are looking for one more in the remaining 2 min. The shot on goal stuns the keeper but he is up to he task. BGS are beautiful to watch and with the whistle imminent CGS quickly make use of the space down the right side. The winger shows incredibly skill to beat the defender and puts a superbly weighted ball across the face of goal only to see the tap in hit the post. This was an opportunity that will be surely missed particularly as the wind is picking up will advantage CGS team in the second half.

The referee starts the second half at 10:25 PM and I now have my gloves and jacket, aahhh. Taking advantage of the wind, CGS are soon looking to break their drought. The BGS keeper is tested low and to his right and he looked solid! He has been an incredible asset to this dynamic team. BGS turn the game around again and in the space of three minutes they have three opportunities but the scoreline remain 3-0 to the boys from the 2012 State of Origin winning state. BGS continue to press and it is shot after shot the we are witnessing at the sunny end of the ground.

CGS get the opportunity to move the ball and they do so with composure and  skill but again it is down the right side. The ball is now prodominately being played in the BGS defensive third in these ten minutes but every counter attack from BGS is more threatening then the all the good lead up work from CGS. With an extra push through the midfield the ball is crossed to the right side for the BGS captain to drill the ball out of reach of the CGS keeper 4-0, (10:39AM).

CGS continue to push and some delighful passing down the left side has the coaching staff in raptures. But you cannot rest a second with BGS, one bad pass or one miss timed run has them taking control and applying a dominate presence. CGS are a team that are being outplayed but they do play a beatiful style, they have the ability to play the passing game very well and they have speed. It seems a case of what could have been if they can find a way to score.

Again a loose ball have BGS moving down the left side. The winger looks up to see one BGS player on the back post and with a suerbly timed and weighted curling left foot cross finds the man for the simple head in just inside the post (10:48) and just out of the reach of the keeper to take the score to 5-0.

With 12 min remaining BGS make an interchange and the Brissy boys go on the attack again. Another left foot cross finds a BGS head in the box but this time it goes wide. The referee looks at his watch there can only be seconds left now. Oops misjudged the time.

BGS have played very entertaining football and their skill has been a pleasure to watch but now it is up to the NC boys to take the cup away from them in a must win game against St Peters.

A long drive hits the underside of the post and bounces down and out of goal. The assistant raises his flag and the 6th goal is awarded at 10:57AM.

The referee blows full time at 11:02AM to end an exciting match.








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