Brisbane Grammar v St Peter’s College

Game 3 – July 4, 2012

This game of the tournament will see the Winners of Game 1 play the losers of Game 2. Can Brisbane Grammar come back with a win after what may turn out to be the game of the tournament yesterday?

The referee blows time on at 9:31AM and BGS start in a similar way, early pressure resulting with a shot on goal in the second minute only to be denied by the post. The ball has been cleverly worked up the field and an opportunity presents itself for a low drive to the left upright, easily taken by the keeper.

BGS has taken back control and two creative passages of play see BGS presented with a golden opportunity, a pass across the box for a simple tap in was not seized with the shot going high over the bar.

BGS are relentless they have total control of the game at this point and to the observer it is not a case of who will win but by how much. Counter attacking play seems all that SPC have at their disposal at the moment. Some sloppy play sees SPC presented with a freekick 35m out. The BGS keeper is stretched but expertly fended away and unfortunately the ball was out of the reach of the player running through.

BGS again takes the ball towards the SPC goal and with hindsight the BGS player should have taken the chance. The resulting shot on goal is hit hard but narrowly over the goal. Again BGS push forward, two more opportunities go amiss and frustration is now now building up with the Brisbane Boys however Mr Di-Losa seems relaxed but his hands are now on his hips.

A freekick to SPC gives them the opportunity to push and they take a shot from long range to miss to the right.

Some quick passing then running straight at the defense beating two then putting himself one on one with the keeper sees BGS get the goal (9:48 AM) that seemed a long time coming.

SPC seize on an opprtunity and push forward and win a corner. The corner results in another corner but with the help of the previous corner the cross is put perfectly into the box to be then expertly headed into the back of the net (9:54 AM), what an awesome goal and against the majority of play. The score is now tied. BGS restart and move the ball quickly up field, a keeping mistake has the BGS player one on one but fails to capitalise. SPC move the ball up field and the Spero beats three BGS boys to finish with an excellent goal (9:58 AM), 2-1 to SPC. SPC with rennewed confidence push again down the right, beats the defender then when the cross looked obvious takes the shot when he sees the keeper off his line, GOAL! (10:01) SPC are 3-1. Can you believe this! SPC have another opportunity with a freekick 24m out. The keeper looked beaten and thankfully for him the ball beat the goal. What a difference 10 min can make, all the running and opportunities seemed to be going the way of BGS but here is the perfect lesson to make the most of the opportunities.

SPC push forward again and with a direct run to goal sees him beat the central defender to present himself one on one with the keeper. The ball was calmly and expertly dispatched left of the keeper (10:00AM) the referee blows half time at 10:01AM with SPC leading can you believe 4-1. An awesome performance from the SPC boys, they weathered the Brisbane 20 min storm and have come up leading at the half way point of the game.Excellent finishing was the highlight.

The second half started at 10:20 AM and BGS have replaced the keeper. The Brisbane boys again push forward early and maintain control of the ball. Much pressure on the SPC defense sees them crack and the ball was worked beautifully into the box only to have the shot hit wide, another miss and I’m sure the BGS coaching staff are contemplating what could have been. Chalk and cheese springs to mind. Again BGS push forward resulting in another goal kick to SPC. More and more pressure is placed on SPC and it seems that the half time coaching instructions are starting to pay dividends with two quick goals to the BGS boys (10:25AM & 10:27AM). The score is now 4-3 in favour of the Adelaide boys. These BGS boys can really turn it on and now that they have found their way to goal there is a sense that they will finish on top but then again this is how the first half was going. One thing for sure, there will be more goals.

A string of 12 passes see BGS put the ball across the face of goal only to be narrowly missed by the two BGS boys sprinting to get onto the end of it. This is total football by BGS a master class in action and considering they are still behind on the scoreboard they seize the opportunity to interchange to get some fresher legs out there. SPC are valiantly defending and trying to make the most of their counterattacking opportunities but the offside law cripples yet another attacking opportunity. BGS push forward again and the shot is high. Can SPC hold on in these last 20 min? They are defending out of their skins and fatigue is creeping into their game. Just as I finish writing the last line sloppy defending in the box results in a penalty being awarded to BGS and the ball is slotted to the right of the keeper (10:41AM) scores are tied 4-4.

BGS  push forward again and up the right side. A prefectedly placed cross to the far post sees a BGS boy jump higher and head the ball into the net (10:42 AM), can you believe this 1-4 down to be 5-4 up. More attack down the left side is going nowhere but a cleverly switched ball sees the right side open up again. The low driving cross into the box is perfectedly intercepted by the BGS boy running to snatch it away from the keeper, 6-4 (10:45 AM). With 15 min still remaining we may be witnessing a cricket score. Both teams are pushing, SPC have been forced to get themselves back into the ame and they are doing just that by holding and controlling the ball. BGS could shut up shop with their two goal advantage but they continue to push. The interchange bench is now getting a work over.

A free kick is awarded to BGS outside the box on the leftside. The drifting floating ball is met by the flying head but narrowly goes over the bar. The game must slow down, these boys must be dead on their feet playing at this speed and early signs of cramps are being seen on both sides, SPC win a free kick and the bobbling ball narrowly misses to outstretched legs of the boys on the far post. SPC are still applying pressure and the frantic pace seems to be affecting the BGS boys moreso. With 2 minutes to go BGS ave 10 men behind the ball. This has been another epic game for the Brisbane boys but this time they look to be on the positive side of the result.

The referee blows full time on the hour of 11, a well deserved 6-4 win to BGS.

That was so impressive and worthy of a spot in the SBS highlight reel. WOW!

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