Morning Runs

Day 2 – Run around the lake

Did I mention brrrrr, The run started at 6AM in the dark and minus 5. You know its cold when steam is pouring out the the drains and black ice is scattered on the cycle / running paths. The run went from Canberra Grammar down to Lake Burley Griffith then headed west along the shore line until the second bridge. Crossing the bridge then around the northern edge of the lake to the Carillion then back across the first bridge then along the lakes edge then past Telopea Park School and back to Canberra Grammar via the Manuka Shopping strip.

But is was very pretty. The first game is about to start.


Day 3 – Run to Parliament House

The Photo shows minus 5 with a feeling of minus 3 – huh???. This run went from Canberra Grammar to the Lake, headed west to the first bridge past the carillion then back over the second bridge then straight up the hill to the top of the new Parliament House. It continues back down the hill and past the old Parliament house then back to the edge of the lake and back towards Kingston past Telopea Park school through the shopping strip of Manuka and back to Canberra Grammar. The interesting fat here is that it started at minus 5 and ended at minus 5.6 with ice developing on my beanie.

Great fun!


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