Canberra Grammar v St Peter’s College

Game 1 – July 3, 2012

With ice still covering the south western corner of the ground the referees make their way to he center of the main oval on this bbrrrrbrisk morning, did I mention that it was minus 5 at 6AM.All the pressure is with St Peters although CGS have two very quick players in #7 & #11. Number 7 likes to run with the ball and looks to be a danger for our backs, and is good on both feet. #8 has a good left foot strike. The midfield is evenly matched with both teams feeling their way into the game.

A good punch away from the CGS keeper on the stroke of 10 to nullify the first real shot at goal. SPC made the first interchange at 10:05 AM. SPC continued to press until half. CGS are holding strong and as the game goes on are growing with confidence and I would not be suprised if they find the winner. CGS’s first shot at goal was a cracker and a well positioned SPC keeper made it look easier than it was.

Referee blows time for the first half, 0-0

CGS made the first attempt at goal in the second half with an immediate response from SPC. The game is opening up and both teams look much better for it with CGS making more of the play. CGS are pressing hard and a perfectly timed pass put the striker one on one with the SPC keeper and a valiant save keeps the game scoreless thus far.

Both teams are throwing everything at this knowing value of a first up win in the tournament. BGS and NC are warming up on the sidelines in readiness for Game 2.

Both sets of coaches are now getting more and more involved and the game is opening up more and more, offsides are aplenty. Nearing the end of the game SPC opt for a short corner but does not pay off. CGS seize the opportunity and another one on one with the SPC keeper sees the left upright keeps the scoreline fixed.

CGS interchange and the extra speed has won a corner. Everyone is in the box but the ball flies past the back post and SPC work the ball out. Both teams have modified and now seem to content with the draw until an opportunity falls to SPC and a long range shot just clears the crossbar.

The CGS defenders are very good with the back four shutting down everything, they will be hard to beat in this competition. SPC have resorted to long range shots. Another interchange for CGS and another long range shot for SPC. CGS are now stringing 7 or 8 passes consistently but pressure in the corner sees the ball won by SPC and with the ball perfectly passed to #7 he fires off a shot outside the box left of the keeper, 1-0 (11:05) with only seconds to play in normal time.

With 3 minutes added for stoppages the game finishes  with a 1-0 win for the boys from Adelaide at 11:08 AM.

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