Wednesday 19th: Water, Awards, and a Final Closing

Wednesday began with an early bus ride with all the other teams to Abu Dhabi’s famous ‘Yas Water World’. Once we arrived and changed, we entered the park before it was open to the public, and posed for a massive group photo in the artificial beach. Soon after, we were able to explore the park and use all the rides before the lines grew from the public. We had an interesting start to the riding, when we rode inside a blue tube that free-fell and then looped up and around before coming to a rest. Louise attempted the tube, but, for whatever reason, did not make it around the loop, and so slid backwards and had to exit through a special door! It was a slightly scary experience for her, but in all honesty, it was something to laugh about later.

We had a great time riding several massive water rides, and relaxing and bonding as a team before we headed back to the Radisson to prepare for the formal dinner.

After donning suits, ties and formal dresses, we all headed to Ferrari World for the last time. When we arrived, we mingled with the other teams around the pit display area, before several VIP’s like Sam Michael, Claire Williams and Esteban Guiti√©rrez arrived to meet the teams.

We then headed off to the awards dinner. The ceremony began with videos encompassing highlights from the week, as well as an introduction about next year’s World Finals in Singapore. After a lengthy and problematic buffet service for 550 people, the ceremony finally commenced. David Croft (Sky Sports F1 commentator) was the MC for the evening, and proceeded to present each award. It was unfortunate that Impact did not receive an award, however, we extend our utmost congratulations to the winning teams. The presentation concluded with the presentation of the top 3 teams: 1st – Colossus F1 (England); 2nd – Gamma Raycing (Australia); 3rd – Boreas (Germany).

It was a sombre ending to the competition as  whole. Whilst we may not have performed to the standard we would have liked, we are incredibly grateful for the experience. We have formed lifelong relationships and have experienced things that we would never have had the chance of experiencing anywhere else. This experience has been absolutely astounding, and we look forward to competing again!


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