Tuesday 18th: Pressure and Pain

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in blog posts. We have been very busy with activities around Abu Dhabi and for the Formula 1, that there has been very little free time! Nonetheless, here we go!


Tuesday the 18th was a day filled with intense focus from the pressure challenge, relaxing by the pool and pushing through knockout-racing. Tuesday 18th was the 3rd and final day of competition.

The morning began with continued work on the pressure challenge after having stayed up ’till 3am working on the project. Following this, the team gathered in the ‘Galaxy Hall’ with all the other teams, and were given a briefing followed by a 2 hour intense period of finalising the design for the racing helmet. Whilst the 6 core team members worked away at the project, the supporters and affiliates relaxed by the gorgeous Radisson Blu Abu Dhabi swimming pool.

Later in the day, we all headed off to Ferrari World once again for the knock-out racing. This involved a series of reaction races between teams, knocking out the losing team in each round. Impact succeeded in round 1, however, false started in the second round and was knocked out. Our trigger-person (Sebastian) made the decision to attempt to pre-empt the reaction, as the opposition team was highly ranked and had a very fast car. He took the risk of pre-empting in order to try to succeed against the opposition, however, this was unfortunately unsuccessful.

We then had several hours in the amazing theme park, and so spent it riding the Formula Rossa (the world’s fastest roller coaster) several times! Whilst we had ridden it before, it was so much more amazing during the night with a wide expanse of lights across the landscape.

This was the final day of competition, and the next day will see the awards ceremony. As a team, we have grown very close together, and are extraordinarily sad to have finally finished competing. However, there are still many activities planned for the coming days!

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