Monday 17th November: Judgement Day

The 17th was a day filled to the brim with end-to-end judging and scrutineering.

With a fairly late arrival at Ferrari World for the second day of the competition, we fixed up our pit display and prepared for the verbal presentation. As a team, we had all been up very late finalising this presentation. ¬†Quantum’s (the 4 Newington boys’ team before we formed the collaboration) verbal presentation at the Australian Nationals was one that was very unique and interesting. As opposed to a formal power point and palm cards, the presentation involved a relaxed conversation. For the World Finals presentation, we decided to implement a similar idea. We set it up to mimic a Skype conversation between the boys in Australia¬†and the girls in Scotland. The conversation over Skype conveyed all the information that was required, but in a unique way. After giving the presentation, we were glad to see that the judges were thoroughly impressed with the team’s performance. Concluding that, we had a short time to relax before the next events.

Later in the day, we began reaction racing. In these races, Sebastian Hodge pressed the trigger to propel the car. The starting gates have lights that progressively light up, and then all switch off at varying times. The trigger person must press the trigger as soon as the lights switch off. We performed fairly well with reaction times and with race times.

Following this we took the cars to servicing, where the engineers and designers of the team could alter and fix things that needed to be fixed.

In the evening, the team was photographed and filmed for various media releases before we headed back to the Radisson.

We should also make it a point that in the morning, Mr Pyne, Mr Honeywill, Roger Li and myself (Ashan Karunagaran) rode the Formula Rossa. This roller-coaster is Ferrari World’s biggest attraction, as it is the fastest roller coaster in the world. It was an exhilarating experience, especially riding the first run of the day. Mr Pyne and Mr Honeywill took the brave option and sat in the very front row!

After returning to the Radisson, we spent the late evening working collaboratively on the ‘Pressure Challenge’, where we had to design the livery for a Formula 1 Racing helmet. It was an enduring experience which had us awake until about 2:30am the next day…

Nonetheless, this whole experience has been absolutely incredible.

‘Till next time!

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