An Overview of Newington’s F1 Team ‘Impact’, Recently Featured on ABC


This Wednesday (12 November), six boys from Newington: Evan Favos (9/ME), Sebastian Hodge (9/ME), Roger Li (9/FL), Anton Maraldo (9/ME), Ashan Karanaguran (11/KL), Felix Shannon (11/PR), along with Mr Honeywill and Mr Pyne, will be racing off to Abu Dhabi to compete in the World Titles for the international STEM challenge, the F1 in Schools. This challenge tests students by making them face the same tasks and challenges as an actual Formula 1 Team. Teams must Design, make and race a model car as well as assemble a marketing, sponsorship and media package around it. At the beginning of this year, Newington’s lead Development Class Team, “Quantum” (Evan, Sebastian, Roger and Anton) competed in and won the Australian National Titles, earning them the right to compete at the upcoming World Titles. Being a ‘Development’ class team, the boys were made to pair with an international Collaboration team. The competition sponsors selected a Scottish all-girl team called “Rapid Input” to join our boys on their campaign to the world titles. Together the teams formed “Impact” and have been working against the clock since early this year to prepare for the World Titles.

On top of their Scottish teammates, two students from former Senior Professional class team “Zipper Effect” (Ashan and Felix) volunteered to help the team work towards achieving their best at the World Titles. With the guidance and assistance of Mr. Honeywill, Ms. Lak, their families and sponsors, the boys will be competing against some of the best student engineers in the world, in the hopes of maintaining Australia’s current 4 win streak of the World Titles.

Recently, the team was featured on an ABC news segment. The ABC spoke to all the boys in the team one afternoon at Newington and acquired footage of them working. The TV appearance gained excellent publicity for the team and for Newington. The TV segment can be viewed here.

The boys would especially like to thank Mr. Honeywill, for his many years not only supporting them, but other Newington teams who have competed in the F1 in Schools, taking hours upon hours out of his personal time to ensure that the teams do their best. The boys would also like to extend a special thanks to Ms. Lak, who has volunteered to support the team throughout their whole campaign selflessly, as she is unable to join us overseas for the World Titles. The team could not have wished for a better support network and they hope their best will be enough to win.

Ashan Karunagaran (11/KL), Felix Shannon (11/PR)
Student Mentors to Impact

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