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To all the boys who came on the tour, a sincere thanks for helping to make it such an enjoyable and fruitful journey. We teachers all agreed that you were a great group of young men. I am sure you gained a wealth of knowledge about classics and ancient history which is simply impossible to attain in the classroom. I’m confident you also had unforgettable experiences and forged deep relationships with each other which will last for years.

To all the family and friends who’ve made the trip possible and supported us along the way, we have really appreciated your help. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We have had an amazing time leading the tour; we’ll go home with great memories of our own.

-Alex Fisher, Mark Chambers & Alex Pyne

Travel to Crete

We’ve had a big day of travel and we’ve arrived safely in Crete for the final leg of our journey.
Unfortunately, we’re having some issues with the internet, so the boys can’t post all their great photos.
Everyone’s well and happy with only a few days left.
Thanks for all the comments, we’ll do out best to keep the posts coming. See you back in Sydney.

Final Tour Meeting: Thursday 29th

Welcome to the classics tour blog. During the tour this will be a great way for parents, friends and relatives to check in on what we’re doing.

Boys will be making posts here during the tour; they will be sharing what they have learned and experienced. Different boys will post each day, their post will coincide with a short presentation they will give to the group about a historical site we are visiting. Boys can click this link to check when they’re presenting and posting.

We also need a handful of boys to act as administrators for this blog. They will be responsible for helping to administer the content, helping other boys make their posts, and writing a few additional posts. If this appeals to you please see Mr Fisher after the meeting.