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Is this not but a Minotaur, a false creation proceeding from the heat oppressed brain.


Last night was our first night experiencing the great atmosphere of Rethymon, as we adolescently ambled through its streets, and came upon many of its luxuries. These luxuries included feet nibbling fish, and a variety of traditional deserts. Our morale was brought even higher through the anniversary of Nick Adgemis’ birth, and we all aimed to make his 16th as memorable as possible.




The wake up this morning was an early one, and everybody rose to a large variety of foods presented at the hotel buffet. Having indulged in different cuisines, we left the hotel at 8am and caught a long bus ride (in which most people caught up on lost hours of sleep) to Faistus, the site of a Minoan palace, which harbored a labyrinth. Our guide, Stella showed us around the palace whilst, she and the teachers, bestowed their knowledge upon us. We wrapped it up and got on the bus for the one and a half hour trip to Knossos.

We arrived in Knossos for lunch and loaded up for the big site ahead. We walked around the site with our trusty guide, Stella. After a period of approximately an hour of observing the grand palace, and its world famous frescoes (wall paintings), we got back on the bus and proceeded to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, where we were able to observe the treasures, which used to be at Knossos. There was a lot to be learnt at this museum, especially in the line of archaeology, where Sir Arthur Evans work was on full display. Some questioned and others supported his techniques. As our energy levels began to wane, our tour of the museum finished and we were all on the bus back to our hotel.

Today was one of the longer days of the trip, but now it is time to lick our wounds and prepare for what promises to be a great (and long) day tomorrow, the Samarian Gorge where we’ll walk 16-18kms every metre of which will be made worth it when we get to swim at the end.