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Emissary of Greece

Cradle of Civilisation!


With an early start to the day we embarked on a journey that we would never forget.  We caught the metro to Sintagma and walked to the steps of the Acropolis. We started at the Propylae and gazed at the surrounding city.


We all spent a good hour investigating the sites of the Athenian Acropolis, with special interest to the Erechtheum, Temple of Nike and of course the Parthenon herself.


Following this, we explored the ancient Athenian Agora, Temple of Hephastus and the Pnyx, discovering the fundamentals of democracy as well as seeing the cultural, social, religious and economical epicenter of the ancient world.

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We then headed to the Acropolis museum after a short lunch break. Through this visit we investigated the various original artifacts, the various methods they use to clean the artifacts as well as the ancient and more modern history associated such as the controversial debate on the returning of original artifacts from Britain after they were stolen by Lord Elgin in the 18th century.

Finally, the group travelled to the Plaka where we split into small groups and visited the various stores and markets seeing some unusual antique stores. After an hour of visiting this large array of stores we once again headed to the metro where we made our journey home.

From Italy to Greece

After mourning the loss of the Greek national  team against Costa Rica in what some might consider the best game of the world cup so far, we gathered ourselves and bade good bye to Sorrento.  We arrived at the airport and bought lunch. Ryan bought a Big Mac and did not finish it.

We then caught a plane to Athens airport and made our way to the Hotel Stanley. After settling into our rooms we ate dinner on level 9 and Mr Chambers gave us a short explanation of Athenian history.

We then raced up to the top floor where we all jumped into the pool with a beautiful view of the Parthenon.
In conclusion today was mainly a day of travel and rest.

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