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Exploring Nafplio and the Islands


Another late morning, not too long before we return home, we headed off today to Nafplio to see the site of a Venetian fortress, known as the Palamidi fortress, which has changed hands between the Venetians and the Ottomans many times. There were amazing views from the top of the fortress of the harbor of Argolic Gulf. The fortress was built in 1686 though its modern form was completed around 1714. There were many dark tunnels and long hallways to be explored along with tedious flights of stairs. We counted over 900 steps on our way back down from the Palamidi fortress to the small town where we had relaxed for over two hours. During this time, we explored the town and enjoyed traditional beautiful Greek food such as the gyros for lunch. Some of the boys headed to the beach, while the rest split up around the town, checking out the various shops and enjoying drinks and desserts. We then returned to the hotel by bus and planned to go out to travel around the island and coast.



After travelling for about half an hour in a large boat, we stopped at a small island. A few explored the monastery sprawled on the top of it but most went for a swim, specifically to a roughly 6m high rock where we all jumped off with dives and front flips. We then returned to the boat, which we jumped of many times into the clear water. Having returned to the island, we had more hours of leisure time before we enjoyed a delicious dinner.






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