To all the boys who came on the tour, a sincere thanks for helping to make it such an enjoyable and fruitful journey. We teachers all agreed that you were a great group of young men. I am sure you gained a wealth of knowledge about classics and ancient history which is simply impossible to attain in the classroom. I’m confident you also had unforgettable experiences and forged deep relationships with each other which will last for years.

To all the family and friends who’ve made the trip possible and supported us along the way, we have really appreciated your help. It wouldn’t have been possible without you.

We have had an amazing time leading the tour; we’ll go home with great memories of our own.

-Alex Fisher, Mark Chambers & Alex Pyne

3 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. I’ve had permission to post this. The huge grin has not left Fin’s face and we’ve had an amazing stream of stories all day, about the sights, about the new friends, about Mr Chambers, about all the Greek history for the benefit of his fifth grade brother who really really hopes you’ll be running the tour in four years time. He had an amazing time and is so grateful for the opportunity.

  2. Alex, Alex and Mark,

    A huge thanks to the three of you for taking such great care of the boys. Rafi had the most amazing time.

    We’ve been through the 1800 photos he took, and the videos of extraordinary buffets in Greek hotels, acoustics in amphitheatres, countryside passing by the bus windows, Mr Chambers in his football top. Most impressed by the luxury accommodation, the beautiful views, the fun had at night.

    Well done!

  3. The boys have been back from their trip for a few weeks now and Kenn is still talking about it to friends, family members and other parents. It was a worthwhile trip and I am so pleased Kenn had the opportunity to be a part of it. We have enjoyed listening to all of the stories and highlights of the trip. A special thank you to the three Sirs that looked after the boys so well to ensure they all came back healthy and safe. A credit to you all!
    Regards and Thanks, Sylvie Savvas

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