A GORGEous day

What a GORGEous day in the Samarian gorge of Southern Crete. After a big night we were all pretty destroyed just like Brazil. Although we just got up at 5:45 we didn’t lose the world cup. (Germany 7 – Brazil 1). We headed to a lovely buffet breakfast in which no-one woke up early enough to be able to take full advantage and GORGE ourselves on the spread. We were shoved onto the bus which was claimed to be a 1.5 hour trip but somehow managed to turn into 3.


With all that aside we ROCKed up at the top of the soon to be 16 km walk of the majestic Samarian Gorge. Marcus stacked up on a few early morning coca-colas to get him going. Because that’s the sort of drink that gives long lasting energy”’. Anyway back to the day, we declined a steep 2km very rapidly , showing us as well who was going to be the leaders and laggers of the day. With Mr Chambers at the back keen to swim every time water showed up and Mr Pyne bouncing off rocks convincingly with his sturdy shoes and setting a good pace. With small stops every few km’s and a nice lunch break in the middle of the 5 hour walk, it was truly a serene area. Green trees and humoungous mountains surrounding us. It was at times hard to take in the gravity of how beautiful the area we were in actually was as we continually had to look at where our next step would be. For Ed and I, it was one of our favourate locations as it gaves us and the boys some personal space and ability to take in and remember where we have been, as there was a lot of thinking time.




With an interesting grand finale of the trip, Tim Latif was chased to the exit by some goats which obviously did not see a future friend in him. Walking out of the gorge and leaving it behind we entered a small town where we waited in the 700 degrees sand/ pebbles/ rock/ and had our daily dose of gyros. Before the ferry back to the bus. We are currently writing this on the ferry with some tired and sore boys on the beautiful waters although it isn’t as Samarian GORGEous. With only one day left the new boys are still going hard.



(PS sorry for bad puns)


Ed penrose, Rafi newell

One thought on “A GORGEous day”

  1. Great wrap-up Raf.
    Loved all the posts.
    . We’re just coming back from Alice Springs- minus 2 at night so the heat of Crete doesn’t quite compute!
    Have a really great trip home guys

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