A Scenic Trip along the Amalfi Coast and the Ruins of Paestum

Ciao a tutti!!

Hello again from Sorrento. Today concluded our historical sightseeing in Italy. We started the day with a small visit to the seaside fishing town of ‘Positano’, where we enjoyed incredibly beautiful scenic views.

Views from Positano
Views from Positano

From there we continued along the incredibly thin roads of the Amalfi Coastline with some particularly skillful driving on the part of our bus driver. We then proceeded to stop at the main village along the Amalfi coast where we were given an hour and a half to explore the village, it’s beaches, shops and rather small basilica.



After our somewhat short stop we continued along the coastline south to the Bay of Salerno, where we arrived at our last historical site in Italy – Paestum. After a brief lunch break, we explored the Greek and Roman ruins which are just north of the modern day city. Angelo (our guide) did a great job of bringing passion and life to the content which we were learning.


After having a guided tour of the miniature museum at the site, we proceeded to observe the original ruins, and in particular, the three temples which that are well preserved. Two of the temples are dedicated to the Greek goddess Hera (Roman god Juno) and the other being dedicated to the goddess Athena.



We concluded the day with a nice but occasionally playful swim at the nearby beach.

By Dan and Wil

4 thoughts on “A Scenic Trip along the Amalfi Coast and the Ruins of Paestum”

  1. It really looks like you blokes are doing it tough over there, the Amalfi coast seems like a bit of a grind! By the way, it feels like it’s about -5 degrees in Sydney today.

    Please say a big thank you to everyone that has written a blog to date, they have been entertaining and very informative. May sure the rest of the guys keep it up as you head off to Greece.

  2. Thank you for the daily blogs which make me feel a part of your amazing journey. Please could you include some more photographs which show the boys on tour. Until tomorrow’s blog, travel safely and enjoy every moment!

    1. Hi Beth, I’ll pass on your message to the boys. I’ve been trying hard to get them to not just point and shoot the views but actually take them in and take a photograph with something personal in it. I’m sure they all have hundreds of pics they’re bringing home with them too!

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