Easy Capri-zee

Hello everyone,

It’s incredibly late here in Sorrento, so we will make this brief. This has been (from the whispers of the boys) the most enjoyable day of the tour so far. We started out early with the usual thirty boys raiding the thinly supplied breakfast buffet. By 7:30 any evidence of the presence of food had vanished, and we prepared for a grandè walk on the island of Capri. Before the fun could start we voyaged across the Mediterranean ferrying to the island. Jaws dropped at the views of the island once we arrived. Clear skies and the Sun perched high the above the peaks of Capri promised a good day filled with sunburn. We scaled the mountain luckily not by foot but by a cable car. Again high on the balconies of Italian villas the cameras were flashing from every boy. The boys clearly distracted by the beautiful island and American tourists slowed our progress but eventually we started to trek up to the Villa Jovis. Not naming any names but map difficulties were encountered but eventually we persevered through the steep steps and sweat to make it to the 334m peak which felt like every boys Everest. The Emperor Tiberius’s love of luxury became clear as we walked through ruins of the once indulgent villa, a remarkably massive estate of the Ancient Roman Emperor.

View over the Villa Jovis


Enthusiastic about the downhill trip Tim Latif sparked into song resonating around the island and made the Newington presence known on the island


After the boys split for a earned lunch break the journey continued and we moved to the harbour for a hour boat trip.  Circling the island we finally stopped and the long awaited swim lit every eye. Everyone quickly on cue flung themselves into the water enjoying the deep blue water. Boys started to flip from the boat and Mr Chambers took this opportunity to try and do the same but fell and had a rather uncomfortable landing followed by a loud slap. The boys made sure Sir did not forget that.



After the long swim the staff let us venture by ourselves to look around for themselves. We saw many uncomfortable boys not use to the hard pebble beaches walking awkwardly on barefeet. Although was no Bondi the water was great and the Italians packed the beach adding to the local experience. Others took the opportunity to converse with the locals or again got caught up with the American tourists. Tom Lance managed to spend money to buy matching hats and others sunburnt retreated to shade and ate gelato.

Tim drinking his orange juice


By the end of the day lots of sad faces were seen when we had to leave Capri, many were considering a permanent move to the island. All the boys clearly loving the island and not ready to leave talked of future trips back there but the ferry would not wait any longer so we boarded and left. This spelled end of a great a day filled with Sun, swimming, food and history but mostly importantly American Tourists.

By (mainly) Callum and (somewhat) Marcus




2 thoughts on “Easy Capri-zee”

  1. Great wrap up Marcus, very jealous Of your dive into the ocean and a great day on Capri (especially as we’re driving back from Canberra and it’s 5 degrees). Would the American Tourists be blonde and female by any chance?

  2. WOW! What a great day. I know all you boys wish your mum was there to share with you!!!! (NOT).
    Keep the fun rolling on. Sydney will be pretty tame after the heat and joys of Italy.
    By the way, happy to migrate to Capri.

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