A full-on day in Rome

Today after an early start, we set out into Rome again. IMG_2447

We went to the forum in hopes of going to Palantine hill. Unfortunately we did not have enough time, as we were to meet the tour guide at the wedding cake palace.


After meeting up with the guide we went to the ruins of the theatre of Pompeii, were Julius Caesar was killed. This has now become a sanctuary for stray cats.


We then continued on to the Pantheon. This is where performed our speech. Inside we saw the tombs of the Italian kings, Vittorio Emanuele II and his son Umberto I.


After this we continued to the Piazza Novona. Here, we stopped for lunch and saw a statue dedicated to the four main rivers of the Ancient World (Nile, Danube, ). This was also the site of an arena which hosted athletic events. After a brief stop at a gelato store, we continued by bus to the Vatican city. While waiting for the bus, Kenn successfully haggled ‘RayBans’ for half-price (10 euros, which could have been 5).


We reached the Vatican, and soon we where skipping the 100 metre queue and going into the main gate. After passing through the security check, we learnt about the early christianity and its art in Rome. Soon enough, we were at the Sistine chapel, where Mr Chambers once again got caught taking photos.P1030657

After dinner, a few of us went to Porta Maggiore, where we saw a tomb dedicated to a baker and his family. This is a unique monument, as it is very rare to find a freedman, who had become so wealthy that he would be able to afford to have his tomb built just outside the city gates.


6 thoughts on “A full-on day in Rome”

  1. Great blog guys.

    Hope Mr Fisher behaves himself better tomorrow.

    Trust the lasagne that is Italy stays delicious and multi layered. And keep those eyes open boys- so much to see.

    We are already blog addicts.

      1. Alex, you let Rafi have his pic taken in a torn tshirt! Make sure you inspect him before he goes out next time!

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