Day One Review – Matthias Laubi

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Please see a summary of Day One by Matthias Laubi below.

The Australian school championships began at 7.30 for Newington on day 1. All four teams woke up with a sense of excitement for what was going to be a week full of challenges, growth, tears, enjoyment, sweat, learning, blood and upsets.

U15 division 1 team
The U15’s had their first national basketball experience as a team when they took to the court against Doncaster Secondary College but unfortunately lost 61 – 43. Sam Clemens was the leading point scorer with 12 points and he said “The boys competed well accompanied by well executed fast breaks but we just slacked off towards the end giving them the victory”.

U17 division 1 team
Going into the first game half of the team had already experienced the same age and division but now going into the same division a year older the objective and standard of play was evident. The team filled with two different year groups matched up against Holy Spirit college. Tom jones lead the scoring with a nice showcase of base line jump shots and post moves on 14 points before being asked to leave the game. He said “It was nice to see the boys competing against national players and it was enjoyable to be able to contribute (in the time I could as I was ejected) to in our first game.

U20 division 2
The U20’s 2nd team came into the competition moving up a division, knowing the consequences that accompanied it. They had to keep energised and focused as they had 2 difficult games ahead of them. Lewis Ulm was the top scorer in both games scoring 12 and 4 points respectively. He had comments for both games.
“We came out against an opponent that had  two state players but we rose to the challenge. Starting the game with a quick lead the boys were eager and passionate to get the win. Everything was clicking but it was their athleticism that got the better of us. We couldn’t stop the fast break and the ability of the state players, even while shutting them down effectively throughout the game. We fell graciously 44-34 against Hunter Sports High School.
In our second game against Unley High School we didn’t bring the same intensity. They got out to a quick lead and we fell in the end. The boys held it together throughout, and focused on getting better in the second half, which we did, closing the gap significantly. We lost 49-30 in the end, shout out to Sarp Saydam for his gracious play and Alex Robinson’s beautiful post shimmy.”

Under 20 championship division
The Newington 1sts were heading into the game as the best school in NSW ready to play against the best schools in Australia. Today they played against the top team in south Australia, St Peters college and started the week off with a win 76-58. It was a significant sight witnessing Graham Ley at the match. Coach Ley was one of the founding members of Newington basketball, allowing Newington to compete to become Championship division champions. Makuach was the top scorer with 29 points and commented, “We executed well offensively in the first half but our defence let us down. In the second half, we adjusted and were able to stop their best player from getting easy baskets and we played to our strengths”

Overall the first day was a challenge but that’s what we signed up for. We discussed the day at night and talked about what we could do the next day.

Matthias Laubi