Day 12 – Kings & Queens & non-stop shopping

Today was Darcy Bouwman’s birthday.

We all said our goodbyes to our final billets as it was time to leave and head to London. All the boys had to write a small gift card to give to our billets to show our appreciation. Once we finished our fair wells we got on the bus and headed to London City. On the way there we stopped off in the village of Windsor where we saw Eton College and Windsor Castle, it was very interesting to see Eton as it is one of the most famous and posh schools in the world. People such as Bear Grylls, Prince Harry and Prince William went to school there when they were younger. Once we arrived in London, the tour guide got onto our bus and and it was time for a tour around all of the major tourist sights of London City. 


 This afternoon we went to look around London on a special guided tour for about one and half hours. We saw Big Ben, we learnt that Big Ben is not actually the clock but rather the bell that is in the tower. We crossed  London Bridge then we headed off to Buckingham palace where the Queen struggles to make ends meet in her modest 12 room apartment.


Then we learnt some of the history around the Tower of London and how it was the jail used to lock up people accused of treason. Once the tour had finished we all got settled into our hostel. The boys were really looking forward to being in London for the shopping.

That night we all went out for dinner to celebrate Darcy’s birthday at the Spaghetti House in Soho. Everyone really enjoyed the food and we had a birthday cake at the end and sang which really embarrassed Darcy who went bright red.

By Finn Walsh & Tom Ball

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