Day 10 – Jousting, falconry and the Venice of the Cotswolds

Today we were leaving our families from Woodlands academy, once again a sad farewell to the kind families who took us into their homes. We left around 8:30am for Warwick Castle, one of the most famous castles in all of England. There were many different sights to see and everyone took plenty of photos. Some of these included Guy’s Tower which was the largest tower of the castle, the Gaol where the prisoners where kept and the Great Hall which was filled with weapons, artefacts and armour. There were lots of information panels so all the boys could learn about the castle’s history and the various owners of the castle over the hundreds of years of its existence. Before leaving the castle to the town for lunch we were fortunate enough to be able to see The Flight of the Eagles show which had many different trained birds of prey flying about the castle performing in a show. We learnt about how the birds were trained in the Middle Ages and the species of birds that they had trained at Warwick castle. Overall the boys had a great time looking about the castle despite it being a bit different to what we have done throughout the tour.



IMG_4481 (1)IMG_4466


After we finished our tour of Warwick castle we were allowed 2 hours in the town of Warwick to get lunch and explore the town. At this time a lot of the boys decided that they would spend a good 30 to 40 minutes in the Warwick Arms hotel just to get free wifi. After the 2 hours was over all of the boys and the teachers went back to the bus and got on and all drove down to Oxford. When we arrived in Oxford the time was only 3:23 and we would not be taken in by our new billets until 6 o’clock so we stopped at a park and some people including the teachers went off into the town whilst the rest stayed at the park playing touch football, NFL, WWE strictly with referees to ensure safety and finally chase Perry when he throws an apple at you. All the people from the town arrived back half an hour early to see what was going on and at 5:50 we got on the bus and went to the Burford school to meet our new billets. Once every body had gotten their new home for two nights there were four boys left. ¬†When the mini bus pulled up in front of them they wondered where they were going and when they herd the words “boarding house” they were exited and intrigued by what awaited them.


By James Roach & Jack Rathborne

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